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What makes you a good cougar? Things to know and consider are right here!

Having the ability and the looks to actually be able to affirm yourself as a cougar should be something to take into consideration if you are looking into dating much younger guys. The women who are willing to give this a chance are the ones who discover the pleasure of dating men with no strings attached. But what makes you great for the role of a cougar?

You need to have financial status as a cougar

It is a thing to take into consideration most of the times. Without money it is not that possible to actually be able to afford a toy boy. Although they are not children they need some sort of support. This means that some of these men usually look for older women who are willing to put in all the efforts of sustaining such a relationship. These efforts include actually having the money to pay for different desires and for other things. And here is where the second thing that makes you a great cougar.

You need to look a certain way

Let's be serious, in a relationship of this sort, you need to actually look a certain way. Young men have a knack for women who look good and are physically fit. This actually suggests them that they are willing to put in the effort when it comes to different activities, sexual or not. A great cougar will always be good looking, will know how to take care of her body and accepts the fact that she actually can afford having a pampering day. Also, when it comes to such women, having the financial means to have work done on their bodies shouldn't be an issue at all.

You need to have the network of people

In order to be able to meet men who are ready for this type of a relationship, cougars need to know the right people. They usually are able to meet such people while attending different events. Women need to network themselves, need to make sure that they are being seen and they ask the right questions. Also, knowing people is going to help you know more people. Without networking you are not able to find an eligible young man who is ready to become your toy boy. Women need to be on the lookout for these sort of men because they are present to events or gatherings just for this sole purpose as well.

A certain wardrobe will not hurt you

Looking in a good way can be helped by the choice of clothing as well. Making an effort to look put together means to actually buy clothing that fit you good. Usually, quality clothing does cost a lot of money but it is well-worth it in the end. Clothes which are fitted and are created in a certain way are there to help you with achieving your purpose, that of finding a great young man who you can have some fun with. Men are interested in the way the women look like, they take into consideration the fact that a certain woman has put in the effort of dressing a certain way. Also, the right choice of wardrobe is going to give a woman a certain kind of confidence.

You need to be independent

An independent woman is a woman who knows what she wants and needs. A woman who can take care of herself is always going to attract younger men who are looking into such a relationship. A cougar is actually a woman who knows what she wants and she has the means to invest into this. She is also ready to give up on the relationship when it is not working for her and take only what is positive out of this experience. A cougar knows that there is no time for drama, that that period has surpassed and now she is in this just for fun. If it works out with a person, good and if not it is ok too.

You need to not allow judgement in your life

Let's be frank, if you were to take into consideration what other women are saying about your choices regarding younger men, you wouldn't be able to become a cougar. A cougar will not care about what other people think of her, she is there for the game and to feel good about herself. A cougar will never dwell on how it seems like for other people around her, she knows how to deal with haters and not even think about them. People will all be jealous and have something to say about her relationships, but she needs not think about this in the wrong light. A woman like this needs to just open up to the idea itself.

So, here you have the main characteristics of any cougar. Always keep the mind opened to the potential of the idea and how it is to date a younger man. Also, not dwelling on the relationships of the past will help you a lot as well. Just be yourself and have some fun for a change! If you can date younger men that is your advantage. Never think about what other people might think about this. This is your own life and you get to live it however you choose. Just take into consideration our advices as well for a full potential relationship!

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